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Cars. Some people love 'em. Others hate 'em. To some, they're luxurious status symbols. To others, they're fun toys. Still to others, they're dangerous and harm the environment. But whatever your view, most people agree they're a necessity. Their manufacturing and support industries are an important part of many national economies around the globe. On a more personal level, very few people are able to live completely without a car, even if it's just an occasional rental. From buying a car to selling a car, our automobiles can be our biggest headaches or our most treasured conveniences.

Of course, car owners have to pay a price for their convenience and fun. Besides fuel, there is ongoing auto maintenance, such as oil changes, tires, brakes, and scheduled maintenance based on mileage. And don't forget auto insurance - it's important to find a policy and premiums that will work best for you. There are licensing and registration requirements of course. And don't forget ongoing driver improvement instruction. All of these have a time and money cost associated, and they come right along with the responsibility of owning a car.

At, we want to help you keep your car budget in balance, stay safe, and learn to be a better auto consumer. Knowledge is power, and here we offer information on both buying and selling a car, driver and auto safety tips, a bit of mechanical know-how, and lots of plain, common-sense advice to get you on the road and keep you there safely. From improving fuel efficiency to better negotiation at the auto dealer, from traveling safely to having fun while traveling, we're here to help you.

Latest auto articles

» Safety rules to consider when doing car maintenance yourself
Working on a car involves several risks which you should be aware of and prevent before actually starting the job.

» What to do when a cold engine is hard to start
Starting a car with a cold engine can be very difficult sometimes and it can become a real obstacle for those who live surrounded by extremely cold weathers.

» What to do when a hot engine is hard to start
Although usually engines exposed to cold weather is the most known problem related to car starting difficulties, hot engines might bring obstacles as well.

» Should a new set of tires be balanced
Many times people who buy a new set of tires wonder if they should have them balanced or not.

» Tips on which type of motor oil to choose
The first thing you should always have in mind at the time of choosing a motor oil is to choose one which respects the indications from your car owner's manual.

» What to do when the car is pulling to one side
If your car is pulling to one side it might be very uncomfortable to drive as well as you might not know what to do about it.

» Learn what the EGR valve is
As a general definition we can tell that the EGR valve is part of the exhaust emission control system of the car.

» What to do with a loose steering
A loose steering is not only uncomfortable for the driver but also is a risk to his safety as well as to the safety of all the other vehicles around him.

» How often to replace spark plugs in the engine
Spark plugs have a central role in the car functioning since your car depends on them for starting and running.

» What is the MAP all about?
MAP stands for Motorist Assurance Program and is a consumer oriented program created by the AMRA or Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association.

» How to change a tire without help
Learning how to change a tire can be one of the most useful things you could learn regarding your car.

» Why and how to check the antifreeze or coolant level
When extreme temperatures are near, it is very important to make sure that the cars antifreeze or coolant level is correct.

» What are leak down tests for?
A leak down test is a kind of compression test which allows measuring the ability of the cylinder to hold compression.

» Tips for replacing the clutch yourself
If you wonder if you can replace the clutch yourself, you should first consider how much knowledge you have regarding how to do it and the car pieces involved.

» Learn how to change the oil filter
Before you start following the procedure for changing your car's oil filter you should make sure you count with the elements necessary for it.

» Why does a car engine overheat?
There are many different reasons that can cause an engine overheat, but they all have in common three aspects.

» What does the PCV valve do?
The PCV valve is a control device which sends partially burned gases that come from the engine's crankcase to the combustion chamber.

» What is the choke exactly?
Although we might have an idea of what the choke is, often we don't really know how it really functions or what its exact purpose is.

» What to do when your car brakes are squealing
Brake squealing is a very common problem which might not only affect your car but it might also end up giving you headaches each time you drive.

» Learn how to choose the right fuel treatments for your car
Choosing the right fuel treatments might be the difference between your car mechanism's receiving bad deposits or not as well as it could reduce the engine's wear or increase it in case it was wrongly chosen.

» Some tips regarding how to change your car's battery
Keeping your car's battery in well shape and making sure it functions properly is very important for the overall functioning of your car.

» Some guidance on how to change your wiper blades
Although it might not be one of the car parts you might have to change very often, wiper blades can become a problem at the time of doing so.

» Learn how to properly check tire pressure
Tire pressure is one of the things a car needs to have checked most often.